Artist of the Moment: Stormzy- Crown


My cousin came into town from the UK this weekend. We share a common love of music. I put him on to my culture of American music, and he introduced me to some of his music from the UK.
A couple years ago, he also introduced me to Grime music when we linked up in Jamaica.

I knew of Lady Lashurr at that time, but that was the most I knew about Grime music. My cousin introduced me to a new world of Hip Hop. From then, I’ve been following the Grime scene here and there.
Now, he has brought a new artist to the table. My cousin described this artist as someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind and is bold with it. My cousin threw on a few tunes by this artist, but this one stood out at the moment.
This week’s artist of the moment is Stormzy with his track Crown.