Throwback Jam Thursday: Hopsin- Ill Mind 7

How old does a track have to be to be considered a throwback? I guess it’s dependent on the listener. This track was the first track I came across some years ago by Hopsin, and I’ve been a fan since.

I really have to say Hopsin is in his own league when it comes to music and there’s nobody touching his style. When Hopsin jumps on a track, you know it’s Hopsin. He’s original and his style is one that can’t be duplicated, but his lyricism is what captured me the most. This man is not afraid to express his mind. He’s not rapping about the same old like some of these mainstream rappers. He speaks on subjects that a lot of artists are scared to be vocal about. I’ve watched Hopsin’s spiritual journey and seen how he has truly evolved over the years. So here’s one of my throwback picks, Hopsin– Ill Mind 7.