Freestyle Friday: Stefflon Don- Fire in the Booth

Undoubtedly, Stefflon Don is one of the hottest rappers currently in the music game. Her pen game is on another level. She’s an international artist, yet the US Hip-Hop scene is still getting to know her (maybe because she actually has bars and isn’t on the nursery rhymes like many of the US main stream rappers😅).

I enjoy listening to someone who writes their own music, and Stefflon Don always hits you with something unexpected. She’s a versatile artist which makes someone like me excited for music. You don’t know what she’s planning to drop. One moment she’s doing a sexy dancehall chune (tune) like Senseless, then she’s dropping a raw Grime track like Lil B**** (which I personally enjoyed). The UK Grime scene little by little is overcasting the US Hip-Hop scene when it comes to lyricism because UK Grime seems to be more about the lyrics than just a catchy beat and hook. The US Hip-Hop scene is gradually losing its credibility for lyricism, and Stefflon Don is bringing a new energy to the music game with her unique flow(s) and pen game.

For the people new to Stefflon Don, here’s a little freestyle for this Friday.