Artist of the Moment Monday: Christopher Martin- Dem Vex

“Christopher giving it!” Yea, that’s how long I’ve been following this man. Since his song “Giving It“, I’ve been a fan. This is an artist I rate [this is slang saying I like this artist]. I got an opportunity to see him at a Best of the Best concert a couple years ago. He came on stage with Romain Virgo (another artist I rate as well), and the energy was real.

Christopher Martin caught me off guard this weekend. It’s like he just came out of nowhere on my playlist while I was driving. I was vibing! I had to run this back a few more times because we all have haters at the end of the day. The one thing a hater hates the most is seeing you succeed. Dat mek dem vex! That makes them mad, but they’re your biggest fans. I was feeling Chris so much on this track which is why he’s my artist of the moment for this week.

Here’s Christopher Martin with his track Dem Vex.