Word Wednesday: What’s the American Dream

Growing up in America, I find it hard to relate to the stereotypical “American” dream. One must ask though, “What is the American dream?” Is the American dream really a white picket fence with a golden retriever sharing the yard with happy kids. Is dad barbecuing perhaps, while mom reads a book outside of their beautiful house? Who can relate… Not I 😅 .

Yes I was born in America (Florida for the ones who didn’t read about me 🤬 ), but I can’t say I lived that portrayal of the “American Dream”. I’m of the African Diaspora… Need I say much more 🤷🏽‍♀️. I know we all see what the lives of African Americans are like on a daily. Whether it be captured by phone or presented by media in a deceptive way. Either way, the American Dream for the brown folk is a whole nother portrayal of life in America.

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