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“I’m still working on creating my masterpiece
Jehovah, music, poetry, and laughter are some of the major essentials needed in creating this masterpiece. I’m just living my best life within this unpredictable world. I have so many more lessons to learn and to contribute to this masterpiece. ” – Lady Mprez

Lady Mprez [2/12/1991] is a Suntian, born in Southwest Florida. She’s a first generation American who was raised in a Caribbean household. She speaks English, Suntian, some Spanish, and can switch into various dialects such as Caribbean Patois. She’s an entrepreneur with a diverse background that includes social work, security, food & restaurant services, hospitality, and some accounting. She is someone who enjoys the simplicities of life, such as a glass of wine with a ps4 controller. Her soul finds beauty within everything. Lady M is intrigued with different forms of the arts and feels that the best way to connect generations is through art. Whether it be through a rap song, or a video game design, art comes in many forms and connects people in many ways. Lady Mprez’s goal is to show diversity within the [African-American] culture and to show others internationally that they are not alone in what they are going through. Everybody has a story, it’s about connecting no matter where you are.

Music by Lady Mprez

Poeticz (Poetry)


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