Lady Mprez [Biography]

Lady Mprez, born as Latesha Monique Whittaker [02/12/1991], is a zealous soul sister reigning from Southwest Florida [Naples]. She’s a first generation American who comes from a multicultural upbringing. Her family is from the Caribbean [Jamaica],and she was raised in Southwest Florida where she lived in an area that was heavily populated by Afro-Caribbean, Spanish and Latin culture. Lady Mprez speaks English, some Spanish, and can also switch into different dialects such as Jamaican Patois, Suntian, and other styles of creole. Lady Mprez is the owner of and the Qween Ambassador for Suntian Naziyon. Suntian Naziyon was a cultural concept which was developed under International Chemistry United (ICU), a nonprofit organization in Florida, that shared the belief of unity and community development. She came across the founder of Suntian Naziyon during her short venture into politics, and the founder introduced her to Suntian Naziyon and later appointed her as the Qween Ambassador to expand the culture. Lady Mprez does a little bit of everything. Music, podcasting, interviewing, music reviews, and more. She loved to write poetry from when she was young and decided to take her art to another level by expressing it through music. Lady Mprez has an unique ear for music and listens to bits of everything. Rock, Pop, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Soca, Hip-Hop, it doesn’t matter. There’s no discrimination when it comes to Lady Mprez and music. With Lady Mprez coming from a multicultural upbringing, her culture is reflected within her music. One minute she’s rapping in English, then the next minute she’s spitting bars in Spanish. You never know what Lady Mprez is up to next, but one thing for certain, Lady Mprez loves all styles of music and likes to use word play in different languages within her music. She shows it through one of her Selecta(DJ) Mixes “Dinero”, a DJ style remix of Jennifer Lopez’s track Dinero.
Lady M is intrigued with different forms of the arts and feels that the best way to connect generations is through art and culture. She believes whether it be through a rap song or a political speech, art comes in many forms and connects people in many ways. The art of words is something Lady Mprez has always been intrigued with and it took her middle school language arts teacher to reveal her passion within writing and language arts. Lady Mprez’s goal is to show diversity within the Suntian culture and to convey a message of unity to others internationally that we are WUN (ONE).