Artist of the Moment Monday: Vybz Kartel- Then You… and Me


Vybz Kartel is a versatile artist. It seems this man can discuss any topic on a track, and connect with his fans. I have been saying how mainstream music seems so repetitive these days.

Does anyone have real things to talk about? Let’s talk about life, relationships, and what really goes on behind closed doors…
Have you been to a point within a relationship where it seems all you do is argue? Do you stay or do you go? You love the person, but do they still feel the same? Are you tired of arguing, so you just give in? Or are you at your boiling point with the one you thought was your other half?
This video made a connection with me. I don’t think it matters if you’re 72 or 27, we all experience different dilemmas within relationships at different points. It’s nice to see a song relate to a real life circumstance… The breaking point of a relationship.

This week’s artist of the week is Vybz Kartel with his track Then You… and Me.