Watch This Wednesday: Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms- Episode 1

Black Sand Entertainment

If it was one thing my siblings an I enjoyed when we were younger, it was anime. Of course the boys loved Dragon Ball Z. My sister and I were big on Sailor Moon. We all could agree on Pokémon, and the Boondocks was a game changer to the anime world for African culture.

When I was growing up, being black and watching anime was a taboo. You couldn’t tell the other black kids that you liked anime, you barely fit in as it was 😅.

I always have a high respect when I see comics and media with more of the diaspora in it and being represented in a positive way. I’ve been following Black Sands Entertainment for awhile (I’m an email subscriber 😎).

When I say more than ever, the culture needs more content like Black Sands Entertainment, I mean that. The diaspora needs to see themselves represented in a different light, a positive one that can shift the minds of many children within the diaspora. When our kids can see themselves as characters like super heroes, warriors and gods, then they will start to develop a mentality where they believe they can be more than drug dealers, gangsters, and all the other stereotypical occupations that are shown in a lot of mainstream media content.

Madd rispek (much respect) to Black Sands Entertainment for this one. Check out Black Sands, The Seven Kingdoms, the first episode to their Black Sands DVD.