Artist of the Moment Monday: Govana- Hamants Convo

This weeks’s artist of the moment is Govana.

Have you ever dealt with someone who had a whole nother life they were living? Married, kids perhaps? Have you ever got that random phone call from the wife, husband, or matey and think “WHO AM I REALLY DEALING WITH?” This song is so relatable on so many levels because I feel many people have dealt with that “phone call”. Some convos aren’t so bad, and some you’re exchanging words with the other person, when you should be mad at the one you’re dealing with. Reality is, if you have to deal with these type of conversations, then most likely, this is someone you really shouldn’t be wasting your time on. Funny thing is, Govana knows Keisha is up to no good and is just having his way with her while she has a husband in foreign (abroad). Why not if she clearly can’t be trusted 🤷🏾‍♀️…

Sorry Keisha, but it’s time you got the boot.
Check Govana’s new track Hamant’s Convo.