Lady Mprez & Certified Love at Juggla XP’s Super Wet Wet Pool Party (Lilburn, Ga USA).

Hey you all, djis ez ya gaal, Lady Mprez (this is your girl, Lady Mprez) your favorite Tikkumz…

I know some of you have been following and wondering what’s been going on with Lady Mprez and Suntian Naziyon. As some of you have seen, we haven’t been posting on this site like we use to over the past year and there’s an explanation for that…

As I, Lady Mprez, continue to build within my careers (because I am a woman of many titles), there has been some conflictions with certain entities that I deal with that didn’t mesh well with my role as the brand ambassador for Suntian Naziyon. I had to have a sit down some months ago with the Suntian Naziyon Officials in regards to my role as a brand ambassador and my representation for Suntian Naziyon. I hold the mission of Suntian Naziyon dear to my heart and had to really find a balance with being the Suntian Qween and other aspects of my careers that just might not mingle well with what Suntian Naziyon stands for. So this past year has been about re-evaluating our plan for Suntian Naziyon and making some adjustments. It has been rather time consuming, but something we felt needed to be done for the betterment of the Suntian movement. As time goes on, you will be noticing that the content on the Suntian website may be changing up a little. Realize Suntian Naziyon is a culture and we want to focus on bigger things other than just music. One of the phases we had to go through was establishing a social media presence that’s relatable to our followers, and what better way than through the arts and music. We’re all about the culture and we felt that the focus at some point deflected from the culture and was more about music. We want everyone to know we stand for more than just good music (even though good music is life). When we first started Suntian Naziyon, we were more geared towards politics and current affairs. We were about creating a Nation through our followers and creating a respectable and uplifting culture for our naziyente (people). We want to continue pushing for that culture and that ryz (rise) of the Nation we have worked so hard to establish, and for that to happen, we have to get deeper than just the music. Along with that, I (Lady Mprez) had to find a way to separate my other careers from Suntian Naziyon yet still represent Suntian Naziyon within their code of ethics. There were a lot of changes, but I promise it is for the betterment of the movement…

Lady Mprez, Certified Love, & Unruly Trina at “Monique & Marlene’s Glitter Party” at Grand Crystal Ballroom (Lithonia, Ga USA).

So with that being said, you will be seeing more content overtime once certain contracts are finalized. We’ll be working more with our partners such as NuRyz Projectz, 242 Artist Network (Yah Doctrine), Positive Vibez Productions (Muzikman), Certified Modeling Entertainment (Love Certified), and other entities to bring you more content for our underground culture that goes beyond the music.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the supporters out there for sticking with us through everything we’ve been dealing with and continuing to help us expand our movement internationally. Our supporters are truly a blessing to us.

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We love our Suntians and are grateful for you all.
Cjemor jan pazani (Love and peace).

To end this note so you can see somethings Lady Mprez has gotten into, here’s a shot of dancehall artist Govana (Yes, I was right at that stage watching Govvy Govvy).

“Definitely an artist I rate highly within this new era and culture of muzik (music).”

Lady Mprez sees trending dancehall artist, Govana, performing at Pearlz All White Affair (Stone Mountain, Ga USA)