Fwecjo Friday: Dj Shy Presents The Care Package- 2020 Soca Mix

One thing I truly enjoy about living in the Southern half of Florida is the party life. Hand’s down, Southern Florida has some of the hottest parties. The culture’s so rich with diversity, that you’ll seen Latinas wining up to Dancehall, Indians jooking to Jook music, and Americans dancing to Compas. It doesn’t matter what your background is, there’s some type of party in Southern Florida out there that fits your flavor, with no discrimination.

When you turn the radio on in Broward or Dade county on a Friday evening, you can’t help but to get pumped. You would think a mixtape is playing instead of the radio.

I remember living in Broward and always going to different flea markets to pick up a Party Mix CD. My favorites were the Soca, Dancehall, and the ones that infused Dancehall & Hip Hop. DJ Rinse was notorious for this and made some of my favorite Party Mixes. I got an opportunity to hit up a club in Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale at Club Euro and had such a memorable night (also because I bumped into an old friend that same night and rocked out) and met DJ Rinse. He could barely hear what I was saying due to the music and speakers, but I wanted to let him know that his mixtapes were off the chain.

Even though CDs are slowly becoming obsolete, I still look online for Party Mixes to turn up to and to get my weekend started off right.
Soca is my top party music. Rarely do I go to a Soca night and see fights or shootings. I’ve been to plenty of Hip Hop clubs where I’ve seen crazy fights and have been in the middle of a shooting (literally), but Soca music is usually positive, which creates a positive atmosphere. So when I hit up a Soca night, I know it’s going to be a lit night. While looking for a new mix, I came across DJ Shy from Canada. I was really feeling his mix, so I had to share. I was literally fist pumping in my seat.

So turn up your volume and get ready to jam out to DJ Shy’s The Care Package- 2020 Soca Mix.