Trending Tuesday: Cacique Jakar- Home Aloaner [ep]

A smooth and melodic body of art with a latin edge. I always appreciate seeing a member of the diaspora jump out the box and do other genres of music besides Rap, R&B, and any other stigmatized forms of music. I would love to see more members of the diaspora do rock music. All genres of music carry different energies, but rock can be rebellious yet vocal. Depressing, yet passionate. Aggressive, yet sweet. Rock just has a unique energy to it and its form of expression can catch the ear of many different audiences.
Meet Cacique Jakar, a musician from Jacksonville, Florida with roots from the Caribbean. In his EP Home Aloaner, you’re introduced to the EP by a drum beat, which gives you that Latin-Caribbean vibe. It’s then followed up by some singing in Spanish. What’s mad impressive is this man’s guitar skills and smooth yet edgy voice. His voice suites the melody of his songs. His track AIB (As it Burns) really just puts me at ease. When I say this man can make that guitar sing, I ain’t playing! This EP was a unique body of work. It’s not your average album, which is a plus at Suntian Naziyon. You can just kick back and enjoy the music, from his vocals to the sweet sound of his guitar solos. I wish to hear more in the future from Cacique Jakar and cannot wait to hear what other melodies he creates with his guitar.

Being raised in Florida, the one thing I’ve always appreciated about Florida culture is our overall love for music. There are so many styles of music in Florida, that you would be shocked at some of the artist names you’ve never heard of but would consider dope. There’s no discrimination when it comes to music in Florida. Black people listen to Rock, Latinos listen to Reggae, white people listen to Rap. All music is accepted in Florida despite your background.

Check out Cacique Jakar and his EP Home Aloaner.