Trending Tuesday: Cacique Jakar- Not Dying Today (Album)

Starting off with some meditative vybz (vibes) and transitioning into some smooth melodies, Cacique Jakar does it again.

Cacique Jakar has dropped another beautiful work of art for us. He has dropped his latest album Not Dying Today. Nothing but smooth vybz (vibes) on this one. The album artwork will catch your eye, but then the voice and melodies will draw you in. This whole album was pure smoothness. Cacique Jakar has been working hard on his music even through labor day (you have to hear the album to see why I said that). You get a taste of Cacique Jakar’s experiences when it comes to love. As bad as some experiences may hurt, he’s not dying today.

Check out Cacique Jakar and his new album Not Dying Today.