Artist of the Moment: King Bubba FM- RIde it Featuring DJ Puffy & Dwaingerous

Now if y’all (you all) don’t know by now, I AM A SOCA JUNKIE! If it’s one genre of music that I can party to all night, it’s definitely SOCA. I can’t ever remember a time when I went to a Soca party and had to worry about if the club is going to get shot up. Soca music is usually on a positive level. Many Soca artist aren’t making music about drugs and violence, which seems to be the norm in more popular genres of music. Soca is about partying, enjoying life, uplifting the people. When I go to a Soca party, I’m not worrying about a fight popping off or gunshots, I’m worried about getting too loose (crunk) and jumping out a window😅.

Let’s enjoy some party vibes to keep ourselves uplifted during these times. King Bubba FM brought the heat with this track. Nothing but party and island vybz (vibes) on this one. Bringing some Bajan vybz, check out King Bubba Fm with his track Ride It featuring Dj Puffy and Dwaingerous.