Trending Tuesday: Cacique Jakar- Heart (Album)

My fiance said at one point in our relationship “Sometimes words aren’t needed to create a moment.” He said this one romantic night while I was listening to a binaural beats playlist.
Sometimes you just have to allow the instruments to speak. I’ve written before on the unique styles of Cacique Jakar from his guitar skills, to his edgy yet smooth voice. I enjoy his unique style and infusion of his latin background within his music.

Cacique Jakar has dropped another album to bless our ears with. His new album Heart is a mix of alternative instrumentals and some of his experiences with love. He sings about Sancho, which is a track that’s introduced after his skit/track “Quien es?” (who’s he?), where we find out that Sancho is the other man your women is dealing with while being with you. Okay Sancho, it’s like that 👀. He’s so passive about being Sancho, it’s like you can picture how the whole scenario might have went down in your head. His smooth voice will have you captivated and his beats are rather therapeutic to the soul.

Check out Cacique Jakar with his album Heart.