Artist of the Moment Monday: Valntna- Black Kingz

Black Kingz ✊🏾…

Such a powerful song during some critical yet revolutionary times. I always say that I don’t feel like our black men get enough love. When you hear anything about a black man, it’s them being criticized. It’s someone bringing them down. It’s usually something negative. I feel that our brothers get bashed so often that when they finally get some praise, they can’t help but to have a weak heart because it’s rare to come across something positive regarding black men. I know brothers feel good when they feel uplifted by the ones who were put on this Earth to balance them out. As a diaspora, we need one another. Black women and black men have a daily struggle that both have to deal with in many ways which is why our kings need to be reminded that their queens are here to take on the struggle with them. We are here to uplift one another and make each other stronger. Valntna definitely let’s it be known that she is here to support her kings through it all.

This is a beautiful song and beautiful video. It truly touches the soul. Check out this week’s artist of the moment Valntna with her track Black Kingz.