Word Wednesday: Prince Ea- Before You Feel Depressed

Mental health check…

We are in a time where the world is in chaos. People’s lives have changed dramatically and we all are trying to adapt. So how’s your mental health? I can only imagine how high some people’s anxiety is right now and how people are falling in and out of depression.

When it comes to anxiety and depression, we just so happen to be long time friends. I’ve had a long term relationship with depression since I was a young child. It got worst towards my teenage years. I started to have ideations of suicide and was cutting myself around the age of 12 and labeled that year “my year of depression“. I would avoid looking at mirrors at all cost because I felt like the most hideous person in the world. I hated looking at myself. Especially after I burnt my face up with salt & ice because I felt worthless to the world. My anxiety was so high, I couldn’t socialize with people without coming off as awkward. I would have depression spells (as I would call them) where my mood would just change out of nowhere and I’d become depressed. Sometimes these spells would last up to 3 days (at times, more). I don’t think there was anyone that disliked me more than myself. As I got older, I worked on combating depression. I’ve come so far within my journey. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll have a depression spell here and there, but things like spirituality, exercise, and music have really helped me avoid crossing paths with my long time friend. I’m thankful for what I went through at a young age, because I couldn’t imagine having to deal with depression at my age (30 years young) or older with no experience on how to handle it. I’m always open when it comes to discussing depression because you never know whose life you can save with a few uplifting words and your experience with depression.

This piece by the amazing Prince EA definitely brings attention to a common mental health issue that many in this world deal with on a daily. Check out Prince EA with his piece Before You Feel Depressed.