Artist of the Moment: El Dusty- Socumbia Featuring Hitz X Dj Buddha

If it’s one genre of music I love to party to, it’s definitely Soca music.
The reason I love Soca is because it’s energetic and usually carries a positive vibration. Most Soca songs don’t use much profanity and I can’t tell when I’ve ever been to a Soca night and had to worry about a shootout or fight breaking out. The most you have to worry about is a man trying to kiss you because he had too much rum for the night. So to hear a song with a mix of Cumbia and Soca, I should’ve known that El Dusty had to help influence a track like this. When I say I’ve been partying to this track from this year’s Miami Carnival weekend until today, I MEAN I’VE BEEN JAMMING!

If you haven’t heard of El Dusty, he’s one of the hottest producers and DJs in the Latin world. Reigning from Texas, El Dusty is known for infusing the Cumbia and Latin sounds with EDM and other genres of music to create his unique sound. His tracks are always hype and creative.

GET READY TO PARTY! Check out this week’s artist of the moment El Dusty with his track Socumbia featuring Hitz and DJ Buddha.