Food for Thought Friday: Ganglion Cysts

ganglion cyst

Happy Friday! Also happy-soon-to-be Sabbath to everyone who partakes in the Sabbath. Today we give you food for thought Friday. Ayurveda! We’re going to talk about ganglion cysts today. Brother Brian, who has the best remedies for healing the body, is a long time friend of mine who used to give me the best natural remedies when I was feeling under the whether back in college. He’s part of the reason I started researching more about foods and how they effect us. Brian is going to break down ganglion cysts and the remedies you can use for it. You can follow Brian on Instagram by clicking here.

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(Brother Brian):

Ganglion cysts (bible cysts) and recommended holistic healing products, foods, and herbs for it…
What is ganglion? Ganglion is a group of nerve cells forming a nerve center, especially outside of the spinal cord or outside of the brain. Ganglion cysts (bible cysts) are usually found near the wrists or feet. They are not life threatening or painful unless the ganglion cysts are pressed down on (the nerves itself). You can call ganglion a cyst or a tumor swelling in the sheath of a tendon. Most people that get ganglion cysts, have them surgically removed. The question is, “Are there natural ways to remove ganglion cysts (bible cysts)?

Sure, yes there are ways in having ganglion cysts (bible cysts) removed naturally. If you never knew, frankincense oil is one of the best oils to use on ganglion cysts. We recommend using frankincense oil for the cysts. Not only does it ease pain, but it’s also excellent in reducing swelling of the cysts & removing it altogether. Our recommended dosages each day are 3 drops of our pure organic frankincense oil to rub on it.

In terms of foods and herbs to drink, we recommend foods such as grapefruit (make sure you’re not on medication when consuming grapefruit), soursop, and lemongrass tea. Mixing ginger with the lemongrass tea to drink each day will aid in reversing ganglion cysts (bible cysts). Also, consuming one in a half teaspoons of turmeric each day (make sure you’re not on heavy medication when consuming turmeric) can aid in reversing ganglion.

Next, we recommend consuming cold pressed coconut oil.
Consuming 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of cold pressed coconut oil is effective along with oil pulling for reversing ganglion cysts. These recommended dosages and methods will help in lowering high blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure levels. We recommend doing those holistic methods daily until you see the swelling go down, disappear, or reverse. It’s very effective for ganglion cysts (bible cyst) in terms of the whole body. We recommend consuming our healing puree & organic maple water (which also is very effective in reversing ganglion cysts).
Last, but not least, you can count on organic maple water & healing puree in lowering high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure levels, and eliminating bad cholesterol.

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