Word Wednesday: Les Brown- Take Care of Yourself Everyday

We have to be our own cheerleaders. We have to pump ourselves up every morning and prepare ourselves to conquer another day. As we grow into better beings, we also grow in different aspects of our lives. We grow into careers, grow socially, but overall, we grow our thinking. How else would you be able to expand your horizons if you don’t expand your mind?

We all go through different phases of life at different points of our lives. No matter what we go through, we grow in some way. A bad circumstance can grow you as much as a good situation, depending on how you think.

We should be pumping ourselves up on a daily. Positive reinforcement. Take 20 minutes out your day to pump yourself up, so your eight-hour day feels like those 20 minutes.

Les Brown had me giggling and feeling motivated listening to this speech. Check out “Take Care of Yourself Everyday.”