Therapy Type Thursday: Jhene Aiko- Trigger Protection Mantra

While I was fussing around with my PS4 controller and trying to figure out why I was signed out of Youtube, I put down the controller and cast my phone instead. My feed came up, and one of the first words to stick out on the screen was “Mantra“.
I always have to remember that I have to keep myself balanced and keep an optimistic mind frame. When I feel my energy is being suppressed, this is the time I remind myself that meditation and prayer is needed the most. As humans, we always have to boost ourselves up. We have to protect our energy from negativity and keep it positive. Me feeling the way I was feeling and seeing this pop up on a screen, it couldn’t have been better timed. Jhené Aiko is in her own lane when it comes to doing music. I was excited to see her producing mantras.

Let’s begin…

  • Isolate yourself for 20 minutes. No distractions. Pure silence. The only sound you should hear is the mantra.
  • Choose a position of your choice that is most relaxing. If you’re new to this, then start in Sukhasana (Easy Pose or Cross-legged position). Here’s a list of different poses to help relieve stress.
  • Light an incense or candle to set the mood. You don’t have to, but it will help in setting the atmosphere (if your 420 friendly, this would be a perfect time for your 420 habits).
  • Start off by humming to the melody until your tone matches.
  • Take a deep breath. Inhale slowly through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this about 10 times.
  • Repeat what Jhené is saying. “Calm down. Protect your energy.” Try to match melody by singing, chanting, or humming.
  • Repeat these steps until your 20 minutes are over. If you want to switch mantras (since this mantra is short), you may do so. Or you can just replay the mantra until the 20 minutes are over.

This is “Therapy Type Thursday“. This is something like therapy. Does it have to be Thursday, no, but it’s easier to associate therapy with Thursday because they both begin with T. Also, it’s Friday Jr, so I know we all need to relieve some stress before the weekend.

When you see the word “type”, in millennial slang, it’s “showing relevance”.
Ex: “That’s a Beyoncé type dance.”
I’m basically saying that the dance looks like something Beyoncé would do.

“Type” is popularly associated with beats.
Ex: “That’s a Cardi B type beat.”
I’m saying that the beat sounds like something that Cardi B would rap to.

I was sitting in my living room about to go ham…
That’s millennial slang for “GOING HARD“. If you don’t know what going hard” means, then I can’t help you (I still did though by giving you a link)!
I had a heavy workload last weekend and felt that I needed to listen to a solfeggio or mantra to uplift my energy while I work.
This is why I called this post “Therapy Type Thursday“.