Trending Tuesday: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Farrakhan speaks at True Light Baptist Church in Grand Rapids

This story is something I feel everybody needs to pay attention to.
As a member of the African Diaspora, I have a deep love for my people, so when I hear stories such as the one presented, I can’t help but to be moved.

Do black lives matter?
When my people are being killed off in ways that you would think to only see or hear of in movies, it’s hard to believe black lives matter at all.
This story of Brother Robert was nothing but a mere reminder to me that we live in a cruel world. It’s an even crueler one when you are of a certain demographic.
Society wants to deny the truth that we live in a biased world. That there’s no division. That we’re all equal, but reality is, we’re not, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
We all come from different cultures and have different views, which is why we have to be open to learning about others’ cultures. Once we start to understand one another’s culture, we become more accepting of other’s culture. Certain cultures need to have an understanding that the African Diaspora is a strong culture, but also heavily traumatized. We have endured some of the worst treatment internationally for centuries, to the point that our people are suffering heavily from mental health. I can imagine the anxiety a black man or woman gets when they open up their phones and see another brother or sister killed by law enforcement. The depression that drops on them when they see headlines such as “Protest in Haiti” and knowing that their people are suffering due to corruption. For centuries black people have been receiving cruel treatment and it continues to show within modern times. Enough is enough. We’re tired of hearing these stories and need unity and love to prevail.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a name you have to throw respect on when it comes to the Suntian culture. He’s considered a leader to many within the African Diaspora and within this (Nu)millennial era. His profoundness and spirit is on a higher level. Here’s his speech at True Life Baptist church after hearing the story of Brother Robert.