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Therapy Thursday: Mental Health a Taboo to the African American Culture

2019-05-02 (3)
We now live in an era where we can see what’s going on in most parts of the world by pulling out a cell phone. It seems like every day there’s a new breaking story from a different part of the world that just shatters our hearts and toys with our spirits. It would be reasonable to say that what we see on TV, social media, and other platforms, definitely has an effect on our moods, but we fail to realize how it affects our mental health. As African Americans, we are becoming more aware of these issues, yet it still feels like taboo to discuss them due to stigmas, lack of knowledge on mental health, and simply not enough African Americans speaking out about the matter.

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

2019-04-24Ok, so if you all don’t know it by now (read my About Moi section), I’m definitely into the word, and by the word I am referring to the word of the Almighty Jehovah who’s known by many titles (God, Allah, Jah, etc). I don’t care what title you use to refer to him, as long as you believe in him and utilize his words within your life to better yourself.