Workout Wednesday: HoodCelebrityy- The Brukwine Breakdown

YEAH!!!!!( in shark puppet voice*) No matter what size you are, we all should try to keep ourselves up. You should feel good about yourself whether you’re a size 2 or size 16. It’s all about how YOU feel at the end of the day and not what society feels you should look like. We all want to workout, but I feel that you have to find your type of workout. Some find dancing as a good workout, and some rather lift weights. Some people swim, some people box. It’s all about what you enjoy.

The Brukwine crew had Hoodcelebrityy in for a workout to her song “Bum Pon It“. These girls will make you want to workout. I’m loving Hoodcelebrityy’s song Bum Pon It (my boyfriend must be annoyed that I’ve been singing it a week straight) and it reminded me of when I use to catch my sister in the house tick-tocking and dancing to tunes like this.
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