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Family Friday: Introducing 2Flashy Pearce Family

When it comes to the black culture, it’s typical to see a broken family:Single mom, dad’s in jail, kids are out of hand, and etc. You seldomly see a black family together like the Huxtables […]

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Topic Tuesday: Questioning Christopher Columbus Day

I remember going to middle school in America and learning about Christopher Columbus being the 1st man to discover the Americas, while going back to a Caribbean household who had me thinking outside of the box. Can you imagine the confusion? Asking the question “How did Christopher Columbus discover America when there were already people on the land?”

Topic Tuesday: Police accused of cutting Reggae Artist Sons’ Hair

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Did you know that it’s part of a police officers job to take your kids for a hair cut? This is clearly new to me, but that’s what these officers are accused of doing.