Words of Wisdom Wednesday

2019-04-24Ok, so if you all don’t know it by now (read my About Moi section), I’m definitely into the word, and by the word I am referring to the word of the Almighty Jehovah who’s known by many titles (God, Allah, Jah, etc). I don’t care what title you use to refer to him, as long as you believe in him and utilize his words within your life to better yourself.
Now I dabble into different books, not just the Bible. I dabble into the Tripitaka and even the Quran (English version of course). So my views on spirituality may not be the same views as your average pastor preaching, but regardless of what anyone says, I believe all these books help you obtain wisdom. There’s knowledge and power in all these scriptures that anyone can benefit from, despite what religion you associate yourself with.
So today we dabble into the Bible.

1 Corinthians 10:23 [NIV]
“I have the right to do anything- you say – but not everything is beneficial.
I have the right to do anything- but not everything is constructive.”

God gave man will. Will to choose whatever path man decides to take.
You can choose to do whatever you want to do with your life, but not everything you do will be beneficial or constructive. We as human beings all have a purpose in life and deserve the right to fulfill that purpose. Some of us fulfill this purpose, and others don’t. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you utilize your time.

If you want to be a professional chess player (yes, this is really a profession), you should spend your time learning more about chess. It wouldn’t make sense to be playing dominoes because learning dominoes is not going to help you become a better chess player. Yes, you can learn the game of dominoes and enjoy it, but how is that beneficial to your chess career? So is life, people must learn to use their time wisely and find things that are beneficial and constructive to help them live their best life. We all get caught up in things that really don’t help us grow. There’s nothing wrong with it until you allow it to become habitual.
Hypothetically: You’re a single mother of 3. You’re not making much money, are behind on bills, and can barely provide food for your kids to eat. You have been offered an opportunity to get a better job that fits your schedule and pays more. Now here’s the dilemma, you don’t have a car. So you would have to walk 30 minutes to get to work, in comparison to your other job that is a 10 minute walk. What would you do?

[Now even though I said hypothetically, I actually came across this scenario when I was a Case Manager at a shelter. This woman came to me crying about how she barely got hours at her job and couldn’t feed her kids. We helped her get an interview and she got the job. She could easily be back on her feet within a month’s time if she took the job. On her first day of work, she came to me and told me she wasn’t taking the job because she didn’t want to walk for 1 hour (can y’all imagine how hot I was 😤). I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. All she needed to do was walk one month and she could’ve had a car the 2nd month (because she stayed in the shelter for free and was able to save). How will it be beneficial for her to stay at the job with no guaranteed hours for her to make money to feed her kids? Yes, she would have to walk an hour (Sister I use to walk to work everyday for an hour, there and back), but it would be more beneficial to help her grow and take care of her family. Instead, she continued to do as she pleased and remained where she was at until her 90 days in the shelter was over.]


So the overall moral of the story is, just because we have the opportunity to choose to do as we please, we have to really to think wisely about our decisions and how we utilize our time. With that being said, live your best life and utilize your time wisely while on this Earth to fulfill your purpose.

Blessed one ladies and gentz (that’s slang for gentlemen) ✌🏾