Suntian Naziyon

Welcome to Suntian Naziyon
[Soon-tee-an Na-Zee-Yōn]
Suntian Nation.

What is a Suntian?
Suntian is a culture which was established in Southwest Florida. A collective group of Floridian Natives wanted to preserve their culture and history, and wanted to have a culture to call their own. Due to Florida being multicultural, Suntians wanted to include everyone. They made their culture based off of a mentality and lifestyle, instead of being based upon nationality, ethnicity or race. This culture started off with a few individuals within a community, and gradually grew over time. Suntians started having their own events, they established their own style, and also started speaking in their own dialect. As the culture grew, the Suntian dialect did as well. Now the dialect is seen more as a language.

One of Suntian’s mottos are, “Wun Sun, wun naizyon”. This translates into “One sun, one nation”. As one sun shines all over the world, Suntians look at their people as one. No discrimination at all. As long as you possess the mentality of a Suntian, follow their principles, and incorporate the values into your lifestyle, then you are accepted.