Word Wednesday: Honestee: Artjoy Concert Series

One of the many talented artist from the 242 Artist Network, introducing Honestee.

Usually compared to Corrine Bailey Rae & Lauryn Hill, Honestee creates songs through spoken word with reflective lyricism in a Neo Soul style that tugs at the heart & stimulates the mind. The music she creates is inspired by her personal experiences, and her name pays homage to her commitment to be true to herself, while sharing that same truth with others. Her personality pairs well with her music, as she enjoys natural living, metaphysics, and consciousness. Her music is a testament to her spiritual journey, which she opens freely to anyone to join through lyrical persuasion or enlightened conversation. Perfect for an evening of soothing sounds, or a chill park day, her music is soul food for the millennial spiritual enthusiast. Find Honestee on all platforms including Instagram, Audiomack, Facebook & Soundcloud by the handle @lovehonestee.