Music Monday’s Artist of The Moment Monday: Jah Cure

“Cure again. Come to give you more again.” This week’s artist of the moment is Jah Cure. If it’s one thing I’m for, it’s definitely the legalization of marijuana. With all the research provided about […]

Talk Sex Thursday with Lady Mprez: Watermelon & Erectile Dysfunction,0,300,300_PT0_SX300__.jpg

Do you remember that TV show “Talk Sex with Sue” ? She is a retired Canadian writer who used to have a phone-in talk show answering questions about sex.
Sex isn’t a topic that should be dusted under the rug. Sex is natural and a part of our everyday lives. We all get a little shy about it, but we all can use a little advice here and there when it comes to love-making. Let’s talk sex…

“Why watermelon?” you may ask.
“Where is she going with this? Is this a fetish article or something?”
These are probably questions you’re thinking in your head as you read the headline, but this isn’t a fetish article.

Tea Tuesday: Ginger

ginger stomach

One of my favorite vegetables (I only thought of it as a herb) to use in the kitchen is ginger. This spicy Asiatic vegetable, which is used more as an herb, is a must have in my kitchen. Ginger is versatile not only due to it’s health benefits, but also because you can throw it in about anything and get a unique flavor. If you want to add flavor to your food, sauces, or to your juices, then ginger is a must have in the cabinet.