Topic Tuesday: Eating in Africa’s Biggest Floating Slum!! Seafood Factories!!

Sometimes I feel certain members of society forget how good they have it. Some complain about not having a house, yet they have a roof over their heads. Some complain about having to share a car with someone, yet some people have never driven a car. Some people take for granted the lap of luxuries that they have such as a bathroom inside their home, because there are many places where you would have to go outside to use a bathroom.

What I found interesting about this documentary is that even though I may not live the way these people in Lagos do, I can still learn so much from their culture. Me growing up in North America and being able to travel to different places at a young age, always made me appreciate where I come from and to not take it for granted. From I was a kid, I would go visit certain sides of the Caribbean. Some areas I would have to go outside to an outhouse to use the bathroom. Other areas I remember driving up hills to certain rivers. Those rivers are where I would bathe. Visiting places and taking time out to live like others for a day really makes you look back at life as “it’s not as bad as I thought” because there is ALWAYS somebody who has it worst.

Check out this documentary presented by Best Ever Food Review as they travel to Makoko Village in Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria.