Therapy Thursday (Ayurveda): Peaches and Tingz

Another day of juicing. During these unprecedented times, it’s essential that you keep your body healthy. Here’s one of Lady Mprez’s M-Fusionz called Peaches N Tingz.
Peaches contain many vitamins and minerals. A good source of Vitamin C an aids in digestion. Good for hydrating the body and is also a fruit that’s low in sugar.
Plums are full of antioxidants an are a good source of fiber.
Chia seeds provide you with a boost of energy and has all the protein you need.
Ginger aides in digestion and the spice can clear up your nasal cavity.
Kale is great for getting rid of those toxins in your body and boosting your immune system.
Honey is great for the throat and to make the drink smoother (Agave works as well).
Add a mint leaf for added flavor.

Add water and all ingredients to your blender. Blend to liking. Add more water for it to be looser/juicy. Add less water to get it like a smoothie. Before pouring it into a cup, use a strainer to catch all the pulp.